Mental Health Manifest in a ball of string.

This image was made not long after i'd come out of a period of Psychosis and Depression. After a relationship breakdown! The first thing i remember is that it was a very warm day which was good because it had been wet for a few days.

i came out in to the garden of where i was living and sat on the steps smoking a roll up and noticed a ball of old string i couldn't help but think that, that was how my mind had been feeling lately.

I picked it up and put it on the stairs almost straight away felt this would be a self portrait (as portraits /self portraits don't necessarily need a face in them)

It was only after i had developed the roll of film i noticed and felt the strength of the work, the tangled string being my mind in flux. The fact that its in the Sunlight and out of the darkness,
its on steps which alines with me being part of the
Alcoholics Anonymous a 12 step program.

Photography as always been my radar it gets me out in the world walking, it gets me connected with people. I helps me navigate the world and goes someway to me understanding it and where i fit in to this life.
Its the healer to the wound.

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